Broken series: writing more pieces

As human, we represent the highest quality of beauty even when broken.” — kyuchi

I am currently writing additional pieces for my broken series under minimalist section.

I’ve come to believe that there is beauty in brokenness. And there actually is, in the highest quality, in all its possible forms.

“Brokenness has the power, unlike anything else, to bring forth new beauty, strength, and inspiration to others. Because it’s often in those moments that we’ve tasted deep suffering, that we noticed, we were made for more.”

In life, we constantly meet people who will break us. We take them into our lives, trust them not to touch our fragile parts, but always end up get broken still.

We also meet people who attempt to fix us. They wander inside our world feeling and thinking they can, yet we are naturally unfixable. Until they realised it themselves, then they gradually leave us more broken than before.

We also face circumstances and memories which could potentially break us no matter how strong we thought we were.

Back then, I thought beauty is something that is perfect and flawless. Until my journey and maturity made me realise that it was not and will never be the case.

True beauty is found when you use not only your eyes but also your mind and your heart. It cannot be seen or be appreciated by eyes alone. It requires a healthy mind and a joyous heart to see such beauty even when torn apart.

And with this belief, I promise to keep appreciating brokenness by carefully turning them into pieces.


Photo provided by pexels.


any corrections, issues, or concerns. please contact us.

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