Why did i change tagline from ‘epitome of diversity’ to ‘the tearful poet’

the tearful poet.

This isn’t just a tagline. It has a deep meaning where quite a portion was explained in my homepage.

It actually started as ‘the boy whose tears are poetry’. However, one day I just realised it sounded so long and it has been an attempt to mimic Lang Leav’s ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’. Yes, she’s one of my favourites.

So, I decided to create my own identity, without losing what my tagline actually means.

‘The boy whose tears are poetry’ was coined mainly because back then I always cry whenever I write and whenever I cry I always write. But now it also means every time I write something, the depth of my feelings is unearthed allowing all the potential emotions crash into my being, simultaneously.

  • Happiness and sadness,
  • excitement and lethargy,
  • hopes and disappointments,
  • trust and dishonesty.

The above-mentioned, to name a few, are my greatest motivator. I celebrate the positives and take courage to face the negatives because I know every day is a battle requiring different amount of bravery.

Going back to the ‘epitome of diversity’, I used to think that I am a man of unique abilities, unique behaviour and unique characteristics. Then as I grow up, I’ve learned that everyone can be an example of how unique a human could be, on how amazing our salient features are.

In the world we live in, our distinctions are what separates us from the rest, but our similarities keep us close. I dropped the epitome of diversity as tagline because I learned to believe that diversity should not be used as a factor of differentiation and separation, but of acceptance.

We should embody as human beings the awareness, sensitivity, and the thirst to understand one another.

Our similarities can keep us close, but our differences should keep us closer.

And together, I dream to witness a world where acceptance is prioritised, where colour, race and identity are nothing but terms that no longer hurts anybody.

That was very emotional.

Going back to the tagline, I converted into the ‘tearful poet’ to make something as short as possible out of the previous one without taking away the meaning it originally conveyed upon me and my readers.

I have been more amazed than ever starting the day I came to develop ‘the tearful poet’. It has become shorter, yet it manifested more meaning to me and my journey.

For as long as there are tears there are words, and as long as there are words there are tears.


Photo provided by pexels.

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