Success: benchmarks and measurement

“Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” — Albert Schweitzer

Success, as defined by google, is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It also mentioned popularity, profit and prosperity.

From that, I’d like to focus primarily on how most people view success.

If for you, the benchmark for success are the following:

  • money
  • fame
  • power

Then you have to continue reading through this article.

Having the three above does not guarantee success. It is more of a false belief everyone was wrongfully taught about.

Our success should be our own definition and standard. For me, generally, success is being physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially stable—meaning, every aspect of my life connects and interrelates in a harmonious environment.

Success is being able to manage the things in your life in which you have full control, or which are controllable.

To give an example, take this scenario in ‘The Greatest Showman’ where Barnum continued to chase for more and more fame and money with Jenny Lind on his side. He’s been blinded by the lights and the vengeful feeling he has toward his wife’s parents. He forgot that all he ever wanted was to give his family a better life.

Barnum reached the realisation of his dreams when he was able to put up the show and started changing unique people’s lives and was able to provide better living for his family.

But he let go of that in pursuit of something he no longer has control.

The good part, of course, was when he realised what truly matters to him– his family, and the people who depends on him.

What fulfils you are your success items. In simpler words, what makes you truly happy about your life. These are the variables that keep you going no matter how many setbacks and roadblocks you face or how many more mistakes you make.

Where there is failure there is growth and where there is growth there is success. It is the taking of each little step towards your desires. It is making decisions, big or small, and always considering those that are important to you.

Success is also characterised by self development. One does not require a promotion to embody success because it is not a title but rather, an attitude. Focus on improving yourself and you’ll see in the end that the reward is not the external symbols of success but your little victories and the development you gifted yourself.

Most importantly, the true and most significant measure of success is giving back and making an impact on other people’s lives. You can never willingly share something out of yourself if you are not truly fulfilled.

A life of clear purpose brings the greatest sense of fulfilment of all.

Keep in mind that success is:

  • your own standard,
  • where there is fulfilment and happiness,
  • where there is growth in all facets of your life,
  • where there is self-development,
  • where you are willingly giving back,
  • where you are making an impact, and
  • making it a lifestyle.

Confidence, optimism, passion and the ability to live through your means, will always lead you to your happiness.

Lastly, success is doing what you love and loving what you do.


Photo provided by pexels.


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