Landing my first job and how it hindered me to write

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Freedom is the real party worth celebrating.” –kyuchi

It is not merely a feeling, but more of an experience.

Fruition, for me, was neither finishing the accountancy degree nor obtaining my CPA license. All my labours and diligence and perseverance just to finally achieve something were my responsibility. The first ever I consider success for myself was landing my first job because finally I can give back.

My willingness to share whatever benefits I currently enjoy rooted from the fact that I also received the same and I desire to pass it forward.

Being able to work for one of the big firms globally has been an honour for me. I was able to continuously provide for my family, for my basic needs and wants, and at the same time, my hard work and late nights in the office were arguably reciprocated.

The company helped a lot in my personal, professional, and financial growth. Through work experience and trainings, high level of stress and pressure within the work environment became easily manageable as the structure and controls of the organisation were well placed. I also met great people who accompanied and guided me in that particular journey.

Until such time where my goals were no longer parallel to that of the company because of the daily overtimes, misaligned changes in the work and the work environment itself, and other (un)expected events I could not publicly disclose.

I realised that I literally got no time to actually live anymore.

Writing is my pacifier and saviour. Imagine what have I become after months of not being able to properly write. Spending late nights in the office was a lot of professional learnings and positive experiences, however, it gradually hindered me to do the single thing I always love doing.

Flexibility on exposing myself to different accounting services was one of my developed characteristics from that company. The only mistake I and the company mutually made was having me trained to a certain service which I fell in love with. For once I wanted to settle, however, the service demands can no longer cope up with the business needs. And that is when organisational changes started to misalign with my objectives.

Events started to get messy and more complex, in my own point of view, which caused me to push on the resignation. The things I expected to happen materialised, but the things I hoped for did not. That was when I know I had to walk out.

Honestly, the company has a lot to offer to someone like me. My future there was as bright as the sun, and success and professional growth is truly guaranteed. However, that is no longer how I view success. I have created my own standard.

And with that standard, the company no longer has a place to take part in.

Let’s just put it simply into this:

ME being the TOXICITY in my previous company is ALSO ME REMOVING THE TOXICITIES in my way leading to my OWN STANDARD OF SUCCESS.


I was able to find, not the right company, but the one whose policies and nature of doing business are almost aligned to my personal and professional objectives. Still, my previous company is the better choice had I not been called to pursue my passion. Also, it is still one of the best organisation to jumpstart your career with, hmm, maybe just in the accounting side of the business.

Currently, I enjoy doing my passion in writing as I already got plenty of time to do so. My professional growth, surprisingly, remains intact within my new company. I honestly thought I had to settle for less after that big decision, thankfully I did not.

I was able to put up my own site where I’m posting blogs, which is this. The most important part with where my life is sitting right now, is the fact that I am happy, thrilled, excited, fulfilled, and eager to take all the adventures that has long been waiting for me. It is, I firmly believe, my purpose and destiny.

I know, there are a lot of people watching me right now waiting for my fall. However, there are more people beside me who will never let that happen. And if ever that happens, please take optimism in the fact that I have friends around me who will help me carry on and stand again back to the place I fell from.

There is still a long way to go until I reach the success I set for myself, but the fact that I wrote this here means I’m heading straight towards it. This is the freedom I always wanted.

And this freedom is the experience I thought I deserved, so I gave it to myself.


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