Mistakes: who you are or where you’ve been

Mistakes are essential parts of our lives in terms of our development, growth and self-assessment. It is a reminder that we are human, and we will never be perfect in everything.

Our mistakes do not necessarily define who we are.

Mistakes are healthy, as long as you do not commit the same repeatedly. Obviously, we commit them on a regular basis—when we’re fatigued, stressed, enraged, emotional, or too excited. These are different triggers of mistakes which we can learn and grow from, day to day.

You cheated on your lawful partner once and it was a mistake, twice and it could be another mistake, but when you did it thrice something is definitely wrong with you. Because once stays forgivable, twice remains tolerable, but thrice is unacceptable.

You are more than your mistakes, but you are exactly your recurring mistakes.

Admit it or not but it is the truth. And what’s more fearful about recurring mistakes is they slowly become your truth. So, let’s not allow them to turn us into something we’re not.

They do not automatically define us, however, when we commit them several times, they become part of our character. It is imperative that we learn from our mistakes after we commit them, or else they will attach to us and they will then become harder to remove once they’re there.

Lie to me one time and that would be okay. Lie to me two times and that could still be understandable depending on the situation. Lie to me three times and I won’t ever believe any other word you’ll say in the future. If you know the meaning of the story of ‘the boy who cried wolf’, you’ll understand why no one will ever believe you anymore even when you tell the truth.

Healthy mistakes are those that keep us learning and growing. They serve as our guidance towards betterment. Through them you will know the aspects where you are weak, and you will appreciate your broken parts. They are also our best teacher. They instil inside us the resilience and the thirst for greater development.

Let us not allow our mistakes dictate where we should be going. They should only act as our constant reminder of where we have been.

So, will you let your mistakes define you, or refine you?

The choice is yours.


Photo provided by pexels.



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