Finding love and continuously making it right

“Suddenly, you caught me so off guard. We fell in love so unexpectedly.” –Jason Chen (Original Song)

It was as risky as my past relationships, but it was the only one that was worth it.


I found the love in the most unexpected, but rightful time. It was exactly during the transition and giving up of the four-year chase. I decided to choose the love that’s, in a particular part, certain.

I honestly thought this is just one of the love I fought and eventually lost.

I was wrong.

This love I found is so real and it made me bring out the best version I ever was. In my life, I’ve never felt so appreciated and treasured the way this love made me feel.

It quite didn’t start very well. I felt really objectified at first, but as time passed by, I was loved unconditionally and respected as I should be. Maybe, this has been the greatest deficiency I had in the past, not being able to find the person who could respect and love me for who I am and not what they want me to become.

In a relationship, we should not go on and try to change the other person. If there truly is love and you value what you have, change will be a wilful act and both will be mature enough to adjust.

Loving is simple and broad at the same time. It denotes not only spending time together and sharing all the happiness, but it is more of understanding, supporting, correcting, believing and trusting each other.

This love I found is mature enough to know how it is to be broken and get hurt so it seeks more to understand. I used to want to be understood on my behaviours, beliefs and standards but in this relationship we share, I learned to understand and align each of our own differences so we could healthily work everything out.

What makes it the greatest love of my life was the real support I always receive, not just a superficial one. We support each other by facing challenges and looking into tomorrow together. In this relationship, I can clearly see what future holds for us.

There are no perfect relationship or perfect people, so each partner must be committed to correct the wrongs and mistakes once they occur. It is a moral responsibility. You don’t only focus on your own growth but with each other’s.

Believe and live like the love you have is the only love you’ll ever find. You give your all, responsibly. You take care of it, grow it and fight for it. When it looks like there is no more love, think again. Love does not easily fade, unless, you deliberately choose to have it fade away. You don’t give up easily just because you don’t feel comfortable anymore. You are there to love, not to feel comfortable. And to love means, breaking and dying against yourself.

Believe me, breaking yourself is much better than breaking somebody else.

And lastly, have undying trust for each other. Trust your partner but trust yourself more. Trust yourself in a way that you are so sure not to cheat or wilfully hurt. If you trust yourself, you will have stronger trust to your partner. Karma is real and whatever you throw to the world, it will throw the same to you a hundred-fold.

A healthy relationship is where there exists a harmonious exchange of ideas and opinions. No one is dominant or submissive, or if there is, the relation remains balanced.

I can go on and on talk about strong relationships and how beautiful love actually is, more so when shared. There is so much more of a single person than his/her looks, status, race or belief. Only a loving heart and understanding mind will ever see these hidden beauties this world has conveyed to each human being.

This love made me realise my worth.

This love also made me see the wonders outside the universe I locked myself in. It may not be as exciting or dramatic or worthy to tell like my formers but it is true. It may seem plain and boring but it was really never that way. This is the most adventurous yet exclusive universe of love I’ve ever been into and have no plan leaving.

This love is the greatest find.

You see, no matter how hard you go on with life trying to chase for the things you think you deserve, God will always find a way to orchestrate you back to the track where you’re supposed to be leading until you get the love you truly deserve.


Photo provided by pexels.

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