Happiness and sadness: a correlation

“It was beautiful. Happiness and sadness were all beautiful.” –Knulp by Hermann Hesse

The say, we can only know what happiness really means when we already experienced how it is to be sad. And sad can be associated to a lot of things like grief, melancholy, depression, despair, remorse, regret, apology, guilt, dismay, pessimism, heartbreak, sorrow, trouble, hurting, etc.

I am a lover of stories that focus on finding strength and comfort in both happiness and sadness.

Happiness, as relatively associated to sadness, is all about connection—with yourself, with other people, with the community and with the vast universe.

 Now, look in the mirror. What do you see? A happy person or a sad one?

If you see only a happy person, then I guess you lack something in your life—compassion and sympathy. You need more experiences of breaking, aching and falling for other people. Being happy by yourself, I think, is a very self-centred stand. I am not saying that you should give more focus on other’s pain than your own. It is seeing and experiencing the inner beauty in others just so you could appreciate your self more.

If you see only a sad person, then do yourself the favour to value your own worth. Your million broken pieces, no matter how shattered they are, do not make you any less. In my opinion, they actually add significant value to who you are. You are still as lovable no matter how broken and scarred you have become.

Get up from that sadness that is drowning you and telling you are not good enough or strong enough to fight for your life. Sadness is not suppose to bring you to its depth without safeguard. That should not be its role in your life.


Now, if you see both a happy and a sad person, then I guess you have the right attitude with life and you will be able to handle it graciously. Go on and make those things that make you happy. And, go on and make time for yourself to feel the sadness associated with your happiness. There is a time for laughing and a time for crying. Learn to celebrate both.

You are more than that reflection you see in the mirror. Actually, you are more than anything else.

Balance your emotions. Do not go too deep with sadness if you don’t have enough happiness to help you out. Else, you’ll drown. The safety you give yourself in diving through the depth of your sadness are the joys in possibilities, hopes and experiences that the future has in store for us.

Happiness gives us the ability to swim, explore and feel what sadness has to offer. It is the pursuit of happiness that serves as our immediate help have we ever start drowning.

Be happy. Be sad. But importantly, be both.


Photo provided by pexels.

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