True colours: kid at heart

Sadness is not the absence of happiness, the contrary of happiness is sadness. But though in contrast with each other, we can actually create balance and harmony between these two.

As a kid, we never knew that happy and sad could turn out to be complex things once we grow up. All we ever thought was, happiness is having to eat your favourite ice cream or sadness means breaking your favourite toy. I’m not saying that as kids we should already be taught how to deal with the complexities of life. This is only an attempt to bring you back to your childhood memories because those memories are the simplest yet most genuine feelings you’ve ever felt.

How you lived your life as a child made the greatest impact to who you are now as a person. What people around you said you are, who you thought you are and what you wanted to be—all these things are essential components to becoming yourself today.

Let’s reminisce your memories as a child.

What do you think made your simple happiness and sadness turn complex? Is it really part of adulting or growing up or maturity? Really? Or maybe, just maybe, you deliberately let that playful kid vanish away, you removed your genuine smile because you honestly thought they could potentially be your weakness someday, or you felt your sadness as a child do not justify the pain you feel as an adult?

Do you think there is much difference between them?

Having balanced emotions means being able to find that kid inside you who you presently thought was not deserving to meet the person you have become. Find that kid again. Bring it back. Live just like how you wanted to live your life when things are just as simple as a, b, c. Because it’s all in our mind. So don’t be afraid let your true colours show.

Remember, at all times, that you are beautiful whatever you are made of or whatever you make yourself with just so you don’t fall.

Be personally excited to meet that kid inside each one of us.

Smile, forgive freely, dream big and take pleasure in little things. Be creative, carefree, fearless, curious and imagine the unimaginable.

Love unconditionally, ask for help and most importantly, if you fall, you get back up like a kid and then run.


Photo provided by pexels.

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