What inspired the term kyuchi

In this blog, I will share to you what inspired the term kyuchi, in a way.

I’d like to give the full details on my first book should I be given the chance to publish it. I will just try for now to give you a quick background about it.

Everyone believed I have a Japanese descent because of my eyes. When people ask me, sometimes I answer yes and sometimes i answer no because their questions had me confused too.

But seriously, I don’t know. I’d like to believe, though, that I am purely Filipino.

Somehow, the term kyuchi originated from there as it sounds a little japanese, that’s what I thought.

On another side, I have developed a logo for kyuchi, which was a little messy since I’ve really got no exposure on drawing or anything related to it, which is composed only of a ”v” and a “>” sign.

logo more legit

I made it only through Windows’ Paint and this is my first try ever. The colours and design is not yet final. This logo looks like a plant in a vase, at least for me, which means two things–growth and moving forward.

Personally, this is how i see myself as a writer, learning more and developing my writing and blogging skills to achieve substantial expertise in this aspect. There is no pressure since I just started and I am quite happy with my progress.

Growing is also taking each little step of my journey. There is no going back. This is how I actually envisioned myself, writing not just for my own but for other people too.

Our talent is supposed to be shared, after all.

The term kyuchi just popped out of my mind one gloomy evening. It’s a combination of two words which I don’t have the courage to share yet.

It started from there.

I liked the sound of it, and how it can easily be translated to Hangul, a korean way of writing. Anyway, i know how to read and write in Hangul but only the basics. I studied only via the internet.

Funny how i was always associated with chinese, too. I think it’s just how it is in the Philippines. Once you got the same features as their eyes, you become korean, chinese or japanese anytime. And even vietnamese. My eyes were that flexible, I guess.

Regarding my book, it’s already written and it’s a collection of around fifty-five prose and poems. I have plans on adding a bit more. Its title is inspired from this piece I’ve written long before:

“I acknowledge those who dive and swim into my soul, but I personally am admiring those who dive without knowing how to swim at all” – kyuchi

This book tackles how a person like me should be loved. It focuses on one’s self and finding the courage to show the world our broken parts. It’s more of self-appreciation and knowing your own truth and worth. The title I gave to it was:


Above book cover is not yet final, only a sample. I also like to have the illustration be drawn by a close friend which is something like a man diving into the black and white ocean with a garden of colourful flowers at the bottom. I’d like it to stay really simple too.

I wish I can publish it soon.

I am positive with this, and so much hopeful.


any comments, suggestions, corrections, issues, or concerns. please send a message.

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