close up of padlocks hanging on heart shape

Good is Gone.

I thought

I was foolish enough

when I loved him,

until I let him go.

© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


blue and purple cosmic sky

The Universe in Us.

We carry inside us

a universe

where every chemical reaction

is a story.

© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


human fist


She has her flaws

but ain’t defective,

because she may be broken

but she is not weak.

© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


landscape nature sky person


he’s still lost

in somebody else’s universe,

but he’ll find his way

to yours.

© kyuchi, 17.07.2018


art blur close up colors

Love Comes and Stays

she thought she was not lovable,

until love finally came her way.

© kyuchi, 17.07.2018


beach blur car colors

The Traveler.

she travels the world

to explore different countries and culture.

little did she know

that someone takes her

as worth more exploring

than all the countries in the world combined.

© kyuchi, 17.07.2018


person standing near lake

The Battles of Love I Fought And Thankfully Lost

There’s someone I recall somewhere in my past.
Right exactly the one I thought our love will last.
After everything I’ve done, I was treated like dust.
Sunday morning after church, we did what we must.

Years after breaking hard, I met someone I used to know.
We tried to try loving, somehow it felt something new.
Roughly after one day, I was broken in two.
Sadly there’s no more trying, coz the feelings aren’t true.

In my dream last night, I hugged someone so tight.
The rhythm of our heartbeats, our eyes are shining bright.
I love how we kissed, I savoured every bite.
Like it’s really happening, like we own the night.

Later did I realize it was all but a dream.
In this fairly unfair world, love is nothing but a term.
The love that once we shared, it ended in a whim.
So people really change, some in bad way it seems.

© kyuchi, 2015


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