The “Dive” Series


grayscale photo of woman

dived and swam

like I’ll find you.

where ships have sunk,

and hearts, too.

© kyuchi, 02.07.2018



The “Broken” Series


man young happy smiling

as human

we represent

the highest quality of beauty

even when


© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


silhouette of broken boardwalk on body of water under sunset

wait for the person

who will bid his life

to savour

the beauty of your


© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


forest friends friendship grass

he has seen

my scars

yet didn’t walk away.

he told me

i am as much as lovable

no matter how broken i will be.

© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


adult auto automobile automotive

the biggest mistake in love

is thinking that when broken

we should be fixed.


we can never be fixed.

we can only go on

and wait for someone

to appreciate our brokenness.

© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


black claw hammer on brown wooden plank

don’t come into my life

trying to fix me

and then

gradually leaves me

more broken than before.

© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


woman standing beside chair

you didn’t break me

when you walk away.

you broke me

when you stopped breaking me.

© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


adult alone anxious black and white

i had

to learn loving

everything that’s broken,

just to finally love


© kyuchi, 02.07.2018


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